Food Fight: Combating Obesity with Vegetables

Pumpkin Baby

For over 30 years, landmark studies from Julie Mennella, Gary Beauchamp, Beverly Cowart and other Monell researchers have provided significant insights into how infants and children form flavor preferences. With broad implications for children’s health, this foundational work is highly…

Coming Soon: Taste and Smell Quiz 2016

Nose and Mouth

Stay tuned, a new Taste and Smell Quiz is on its way!                                  Impatient? Test your knowledge with last year’s quiz.

The Journey From Wow


Monell is a unique organization; the only independent research center in the world studying taste and smell. I first found out about Monell in 2011 while walking my kids through the Philadelphia Science Festival Carnival. I was fascinated by smelling…

Pop Quiz!

Monell Face

Monell Sense-sational Taste & Smell Quiz: How much do you know about taste and smell? Take this quiz to find out!                                      …

Research at Twinsburg: A Retrospective

Welcome to Twins Days

It’s difficult to describe the otherworldly feeling of walking around a festival surrounded by thousands of mirror images – but that’s Twinsburg in a nut-shell. The 2015 Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg drew 2041 sets of twins and multiples, many of…

Why Study Twins?

Twins Only

Monell scientists first started attending the Twins Days Festival in 2002, joining a number of other institutions in the Research Plaza just outside the Festival grounds. In 2003, we wrote about the Twinsburg trips for the Monell Newsletter (read the…

Seeing Double: Monell is Heading to Twinsburg

Twins at Twinsburg

Feel like you’re seeing double? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes! You’re looking at a photo from the Twins Days Festival, the largest annual gathering of twins in the world. The Festival is hosted every summer in, of…